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Intermediate 1A & 1B

28th February 2023 - 27th May 2023

The intermediate course is an integrated approach to Korean language and culture and is suitable for students who have completed Beginner 2B course at London Sejong Institute at Richmond or elsewhere, with an integrated approach to the Korean language and Korean culture. While the course primarily focuses on oral communication based upon key structures and vocabularies, it also aims to build on vocabulary and grammar patterns from the previous level.

A Sejong Institute Certificate of Completion will be provided if learners attend above 70% of classes and achieve 60% in the final exam.

What you will learn:

  • Explaining

  • Planning

  • Introducing

  • Making an appointment and changing

  • Talking about experiences

  • Asking for permission

  • Talking about how you feel

Who should apply?

 This regular course is ideal for anyone interested in learning Korean language and culture, with a good prior knowledge of Korean language as stated above.


Fees: Online – £100.

For Richmond alumni and current student, staff and faculties, please use the same application link for your category.

Intermediate 1A

Class Type: Online live + Pre-recorded

Day: Monday

Time: 18:30–20:30

Book: Sejong Conversation 3 (Unit 1-7)

Intermediate 1B

Class Type: Online live + Pre-recorded

Day: Thursday

Time: 18:30–20:30

Book: Sejong Conversation 3 (Unit 8-14)

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