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The King Sejong Institute is part of Korea's largest educational institution funded by the Korean government and the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism established to promote Korean language education and culture around the world.


London King Sejong Institute 

Richmond University

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Education Quality
  • Trained and certified teachers with over 10 years experience teaching in Korean Universities

  • Based on linguistic approaches, curriculum structure tailored for the European students

  • Focus on creating an engaging class environment through active participation and activities

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  • Government recognized King Sejong Foundation Institute certificates on completion

  • Opportunity to apply for King Sejong Scholarship which supports University fees and living costs

  • Substantially subsidised Korean language course fees

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Culture & Community Events
  • Over 10 cultural activities year such as Korean art workshops and field trips (e.g. V&A)

  • World renowned guest lecturers invited to speak on Korean history, art, food and film

  • Learn alongside Richmond University students and engage with local Korean community


“I feel like I gained a lot of confidence in my abilities and that the course helped me reinforce the knowledge I already had.” 

—  Veronica Nitu, Student

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