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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suitable textbook for my class?

Please click on the course and see the Textbook section.

Do I need to buy a textbook?

You will need a textbook for class, but you don't need to buy the textbook as the free online e-book versions of all of the textbooks below are available on the Sejong Institute website. However, you may buy one as a physical copy if you wish.

Is registering for the King Sejong Institute Online Service (온라인세종학당) free?

If you've paid for the course, registering online on King Sejong is free.

How can I buy the textbooks?

Paper books are available on Amazon and e-books are available free of charge on the Sejong Institute site.

How many weeks does the class run?

The regular course is a 12-week course, and there is a class once a week. The days of the week may vary depending on the level.

Do I need to take a level test?

All new students must take a level test except for complete Beginners. Level tests can be done at and you can apply to the classes that match the results.

How can I register?

You can register on the course page and purchase the course on Richmond University's store. Please click on the course above.

Who can apply for Korean language course?

Anyone interested in Korean language and culture can take the course.

How to access the Online E-Book



Visit and click the “English”  button in a blue box named “Nuri-Sejonghakdang”.



Click the “Register”  button on the top right for a Sejong Institute account. If you have one already, just click “Login” button on the left side.



After clicking the “Register” button, start signing up as a learner. NOTE: Suggest to use an account with ‘gmail’ to sign up more successfully. (It is unavailable to sign up with yahoo mail!) 



Login after Registration



Click “Learning”, then, search for materials in “Text Books”.



Click on “View” to access the E-book. 


How to access your pre-recorded lectures


Classroom Code of Conduct

We want to create an engaging and immersive learning environment for everyone. We kindly ask that you:

  • Turn your video camera on during online live classes.

  • Do not consume food during class (drinks are allowed). 

  • A change of class may only be available on the 1st week of classes commencing (after discussing and confirming with relevant teachers).

  • Please bring the ebook or textbook to class.

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